What to do if you get a Water Leak

What should I do if I get a water leak?

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Your 9 Step Checklist if You Find a Water Leak

Water leaks are a real nuisance at the best of times. If you are faced with water flooding through the ceiling and can’t find the source it can feel like the end of the world. Make sure you contact your local plumber and see below for some useful tips which we hope you will find useful if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. 

1-  Locate your mains stopcock.

This is most commonly installed in the kitchen under the sink however it is not always that easily located especially in older properties.
Other places you can look are:

  • Inside the garage, if it’s attached to the house
  • Cloakroom
  • Utility room
  • Under the stairs


Brass Stop Cock

Most stopcocks are made of brass and have a tap-like handle and look similar to the image on the left. You turn stopcock clockwise to shut off the water.

Do not force this if it is stiff. Try spraying it with WD-40 and slowly turn to the left and then right to free it off.


2 – Turn off the water

3 – Open all the taps in the house and leave both the hot and cold taps running. This may not stop the leak immediately.

4 – Shut gate/lever valves (if installed to gravity systems) usually located in the airing cupboard

5 – Turn off all electricity at the fuse board

6 – Make sure your heating and hot water system is switched off, you don’t want the system to run dry

7 – Grab a bucket and place it under the leak to catch the water. If access is limited a rubble bag can be tucked into more awkward spaces.

8 – Take photographs for insurance purposes, this will help if and when you make a claim.

9 – Contact your local plumber.

If you require a skilled local plumber in the event of an emergency, during office hours you can contact Alan Myers on 07986 250601

or for less urgent matters you can email him at [email protected]
Alan provides expert plumbing services in and around the Berkshire area

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